Physical Therapy


The physical therapists at Milestone Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc. incorporate various treatments to help children gain strength and flexibility, increase range of motion, and improve overall movement so that children can complete daily activities with success.  Physical therapists focus on helping children become independent in their environments and reach physical milestones such as rolling over, sitting, standing, walking, running, or reaching.

Our physical therapists might work with you and your child on:

Balance and coordination

Gait training - crawling, walking, running, or jumping

Assessing equipment needs

Adaptive play

Swimming (Aquatic Therapy)

Building strength around a weak or injured area

Flexibility and Range of Motion exercises

Therapeutic massage - to increase circulation or reduce tension or swelling around an injured area

Low Muscle Tone  (What are the symptoms of low muscle tone?)

Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT)

Education for caregiver and/or parent

The therapist may also identify potential areas of concern and ​consult with other medical or school professionals about the areas of concern or the child's service plan.

​If you feel that your child may be falling behind in his or her physical skills, click here for more information on fine-motor or gross-motor delays or visit our Family Resource page for information about developmental milestones.