Social skills are the foundation for a child’s development and learning. With improved social skills, a child can achieve greater success at school, interact with others more positively, increase his or her independence, and establish and maintain quality friendships.

Although social skills can be taught in 1:1 sessions with a therapist, practicing in context with peers helps to generalize these skills beyond the therapy room.

Our certified speech language pathologists have extensive training and experience in working with children of all ages on social skill development. We use several of the Social Thinking programs designed by Michelle Garcia Winner including:

We Thinkers!

Thinking About You Thinking About Me

You Are a Social Detective!

Social Thinking and Me

Superflex Curriculum

Our groups are designed to:

Develop improved self-awareness and self-esteem

Identify and better understand nonverbal language

Build an understanding of social rules and social expectations

Problem-solve, negotiate, and work together with peers as a ‘team’

Grow in confidence with his or her social interactions

Develop skills for building and maintaining genuine friendships

This particular group is geared towards specific age ranges however considerations will be made to include slightly older or younger students based upon their interests and ability to participate. We will arrange for a brief phone interview or in-person meeting to ensure the group is the right fit for each child prior to registration.

Our goal is to create a group of students who can develop genuine connections and friendships with one another and work together to develop the skills they need to be more successful in larger group settings.

We would like a minimum of 4 students in a group to create a good group dynamic.


 This particular group will use a variety of materials with the core structure of the group developed around Michelle Garcia Winner and Linda K Murphy’s Social Thinking and Me program. “This particular program is a powerhouse of social knowledge to help children in upper elementary and middle school transition into the more socially-complex and socially-demanding older grades and become stronger social problem solvers. Whether it is thinking about hidden rules and expected behavior, developing a deeper understanding of your emotions and how you influence the emotions of others, or comparing the size of your reaction to the size of the problem, this program breaks larger and more complicated social concepts down into smaller chunks to make it easier for adults to teach and kids to learn. It gives teachers, administrators, students, and parents a common language to more easily discuss social strengths and weaknesses…”

The ultimate goal will be providing students with explicit instruction, strategies, and practice opportunities within the weekly group sessions so they can feel more empowered and achieve greater social success in larger group settings while also providing the opportunity to develop some genuine friendships with other girls of similar age in a smaller group setting.

Sessions run for 6 weeks- please register below if you would like to be added to the next session!

Adolescent Group (8-12 yrs) Tues. 5:30-6:30 PM September 7th - October 12th (6 wks)


The group sessions are $60 each week for the one-hour group session  Payment for the entire 6 session package ($360) will be due 2 weeks prior to the initial session along with the registration paperwork to reserve a spot in the group.

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